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  • Peter Cruz
    The current CTO of Serverpoint.com and an accomplished web developer. Peter is one of the leading voices at Serverpoint and one of the founding members.


What do you get with our competitor's cheap Windows VPS? As a licensed Microsoft partner, we have to pay Microsoft for each copy of Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL, etc., that we provide for your dedicated server, cloud or VPS server.

We've seen some providers out there offering Windows VPS

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The answer to that is one influenced by mother nature. See, southern Nevada, which includes the great city of Las Vegas, NV, is part of the United States' only natural disaster free zone. This zone extends from southern Nevada all the way to northern Utah.

This "disaster free zone" is

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There is one thing in common in Silicon Valley among all the companies and startups I've visited: young, energetic men and women trying to take over the world.

But with such youth, CEOs of companies are coming across a problem: lack of experience.

Personally, I've been in the "Internet industry"

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Proud to announce a new line of dedicated servers, based on Intel's new Xeon Scalable processor

We are proud to announce a new line of dedicated servers, based on Intel's new Xeon Scalable processor, the successor to the popular Xeon E5 CPU line!

We are offering these servers in a variety of configurations, all starting with at least 192GBs of RAM, a total of 20 CPU

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introducing our new status page, where we'll be posting any kinds of maintenance windows

We'd like to introduce you to our new status page!

Please visit https://status.serverpoint.com to take a look!

In it, we will be posting any kinds of maintenance windows, as well as any service impacting problems that may occur. This includes any issues with our networking technology, ScalableXn,

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Reason why Windows VPS usually more expensive than a Linux

Customers ask us this question often, and the answer is that a lot of elements contribute to the pricing of a Windows based virtual server.

First, and most obvious, are the Microsoft licensing fees involved. Windows isn't free like Linux, and through an SPLA contract, also known as a Service

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proud to release our new  version of control panel to manage VPS and Dedicated Server

Head over to our new URL, https://portal.serverpoint.com, to see our new creation!

We are so proud to release this new version to all our clients. This has been a year long project!

With our new portal, you will be able to manage your virtual servers, as well

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Announcing our Improved Backup Service for all our six datacenters

We are so proud to finally make this new system available to all customers of ColossusCloud at all of our six data centers!

This is a project we've been working on for a long time in order to reliably do daily backups (also known as snapshots) of your virtual servers,

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A great thinker once said: "The Internet is held together with bubble gum and duct tape". And that is so true.

One thing we like to educate our clients on is the subject of downtime. Downtime can be greatly minimized, but not forever eliminated.

First, do not believe any claim

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Virtual Servers, may not be best for you

Do you like control? You don't like it when your public cloud provider announces a maintenance window and you have no control over that?

We get it. No one likes downtime or forcing you to reboot your virtual servers. But the "cloud", whether it is ColossusCloud or AWS/Azure/Google/

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