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Blog Survival in the cloud: Dump your SQL database to Dropbox/Box/Resilio


Since your data is, of course, highly valuable, your VMs are most likely signed up to one of our backup solutions (What? They are not??? You should!).

With ColossusCloud's backup service, our system will perform a "just in time" snapshot of your virtual server's disk every day. What does this mean? It will basically take an instant photograph of the virtual server's disk contents and then copy that over to our backup storage servers.

This is a method that works extremely well, but when it comes to your live databases, such as Microsoft SQL or MySQL, extra care needs to be taken.

While your application's files may not change often, your database is most likely changing quite often. This means that a backup that is up to 24 hours old may be missing a lot.

Not only that, but databases maintain their data files open when the snapshot is performed, which makes it difficult to perform an exact and reliable backup.

We recommend you purchase and install Iperius Backup, a great utility that will perform a proper, live backup of your Microsoft SQL/MySQL databases, and can upload it to a variety of services, such as Dropbox. It can also store a local copy, within your virtual server, which our backup system can properly copy to our backup storage servers. But we do strongly recommend you configure it to send a copy to an external service (hey, you can't put all eggs in one basket!).

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