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There is one thing in common in Silicon Valley among all the companies and startups I've visited: young, energetic men and women trying to take over the world.

But with such youth, CEOs of companies are coming across a problem: lack of experience.

Personally, I've been in the "Internet industry"

A trusted Service provider celebrating business growth

To support your business growth, you need a scalable, high-performance website. And the only way to ensure your website has all the scalability and performance it needs is to use a trusted VPS hosting provider that offers the right speed, security and usability. VPS is the next step up from


ServerPoint.com is proud to announce a new way of billing for virtual servers that will satisfy the needs of today's developers and large websites that need resources on demand.

While the majority of our clients prefer to pay monthly, hourly billing has now become standard in the cloud computing

Customer surprised with limitation of web hosting services

There are a number of limitations present in many web hosting companies offering cloud hosting solutions that involve Windows virtual private servers, also known as VPS servers or cloud VPS. One of the major limitations is the ability to quickly and easily deploy dozens or hundreds of virtualized servers running

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