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You probably noticed that we recently made Ubuntu 18.04 LTS available on  our ColossusCloud platform, ready for you to deploy right away on a  Linux virtual server.

However, you should also know that older distros (Linux term for  "distributions") of Ubuntu LTS are still also available in our platform,


Did you know we have a data center in Singapore, to power our virtual server hosting product, ColossusCloud.

Singapore is a great country, advanced and modern. It is the Internet center of the entire South East Asia region. Basically, most Internet traffic in the region goes through Singapore, and from


We are pleased to announce new improvements on your cPanel services, including a faster, and fully automated cPanel installer. To learn more, visit our cPanel VPS page for more information.

cPanel is the web's premiere server management application, specifically designed for web hosters. If you host a few websites for


The Ceph project is at the core of the "cloud" nowadays. Popular virtual server platforms, such as ours, ColossusCloud, and private cloud applications such as OpenStack, depend on Ceph clusters to host the disks of virtual servers.

What do we mean by that?

Every virtual server needs a disk of


There is no doubt that Microsoft has invested a great deal of resources and money into the latest iteration of Windows. It is very fast, lightweight, stable and efficient.

Now, you can deploy Windows 10 virtual servers  with ServerPoint's ColossusCloud platform.

Most of our clients need Windows to run apps


For years, many clients have been using our Windows VPS (virtual private servers) to run Forex applications, such as MetaTrader.

MetaTrader is the premier application used to trade in the currency markets, also known as Fx trading. The beauty of MetaTrader is its plugin capability. It allows for the creation

Double the cpu

We are proud to announce that we have doubled the CPU power of most of our virtual server sizes! Why? Because we have so much capacity available, that we just thought, why not just give it away?

Take a look at our pricing page to see the new sizes and


Clients sometimes ask us how our VPS cloud service can be priced so low. A lot of things have changed in the "cloud" business that allows us to reduce costs, passing on these savings to our loyal clients.

And lately, two major developments will reduce expenses even further and allow


We are happy to inform that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is now available at ColossusCloud!

Ubuntu 18.04 is the latest LTS release from the Ubuntu team. LTS stands for "Long Term Support", and these are versions of Ubuntu Linux that will continue receiving patches and updates for


For many years, we offered Windows 7 as one of the operating systems available for customers to install onto their new VPS servers. But as Windows 10 became popular, we decided to remove Windows 7 as an option, mostly because we didn't think its demand would continue high.

Well, we

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