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Cloud Hosting is Best Solution for online successful business

Shared hosting is sufficient for a small blog or a website with small amounts of traffic, but every successful business eventually outgrows shared hosting and needs to expand. The next step for a website owner is to upgrade to cloud services and VPS. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer many more

Features of global development for web hosting services

We have some exciting news to share with all our you! As ServerPoint.com has been rapidly turning into an international company, it's become clear that not only did we need to expand our ColossusCloud VPS hosting product to markets around the world, but also all of our other web

Customer analysing if buying cheap windows is worth it

Since 2006, our customers at ColossusCloud, a brand of ServerPoint, have had the ability to deploy Windows VPS services. In recent years, we’ve added the cloud based, fully SSD-powered Windows cloud VPS servers, giving our customers a scalable hosting solution for their websites. At ColossusCloud, we only use the

Developer trying VPS services of colossuscloud for big application, development project

Whether you are working on a large development project or creating the next big app, ColossusCloud, our powerful, custom-built 'cloud' infrastructure can handle it.

Here’s a case study in how our custom infrastructure handles clients’ businesses. Houzz.com, one of our biggest clients, runs a large object storage database

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