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customer on Holiday traveling with virtual private servers

Many new website owners are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of hosting. Shared hosting is extremely affordable but terrible for scalability. The next step up for only a bit more money is VPS, which stands for virtual private servers. VPS is a scalable solution that will allow you to

Cloud Hosting is Best Solution for online successful business

Shared hosting is sufficient for a small blog or a website with small amounts of traffic, but every successful business eventually outgrows shared hosting and needs to expand. The next step for a website owner is to upgrade to cloud services and VPS. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer many more

low cost, cheap dedicate servers are dead

If you’ve been looking for a low cost, cheap dedicate hosting, we are here to tell you that it’s dead. That’s right. With server virtualization technology, there’s no longer a need for dedicated servers priced below $100 per month.

ColossusCloud, the virtualization platform that ServerPoint.com

the importance of windows virtual private server

Windows VPS hosting is a flexible, powerful and affordable solution for any business that is ready for serious growth. If your business relies on Microsoft-based products and if you are in need of a remote server, a Windows VPS may be just the right solution for you. In this post,


ServerPoint.com is proud to announce a new way of billing for virtual servers that will satisfy the needs of today's developers and large websites that need resources on demand.

While the majority of our clients prefer to pay monthly, hourly billing has now become standard in the cloud computing

Customer analysing if buying cheap windows is worth it

Since 2006, our customers at ColossusCloud, a brand of ServerPoint, have had the ability to deploy Windows VPS services. In recent years, we’ve added the cloud based, fully SSD-powered Windows cloud VPS servers, giving our customers a scalable hosting solution for their websites. At ColossusCloud, we only use the

Hands picking Hosting which is important for any online business

No matter what size your business is or what product or service you provide, building an online presence is a crucial component needed to help your business grow and thrive. And while most people understand the importance of a professional-looking website, the significance of choosing a good web hosting company

Customer gaining information on Importance of Virtual Private Networks

Looking for a free virtual private server? Here's the truth: free virtual private servers, or VPS servers, as they are most commonly referred to, are as real as a unicorn. And here’s why. Unlike standard web hosting, where a low-end server is used to host thousands of websites (the

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