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Web hosting that is different.

Hosting from personal websites to large server clusters.
Our custom-built award winning hosting platforms provide performance and reliability unmatched in the industry.

Premium Web Hosting

Fastest hosting!   
Best value!   

Starting at $28.95/month
 Servers powered by 12 Xeon cores
 Higher server resources per client
 FREE domain
 Host unlimited websites/subdomains
 50GBs SSD RAID disk space
 Unlimited premium bandwidth
 Unlimited email accounts
 99.9% anti spam filtering
 Unlimited MySQL databases
 60 day retention of daily backups
 99.95% uptime guarantee
 Less accounts per server
 Priority technical support
 Dedicated IP + SSL for $4.95/mo
 30 day money back guarantee

Starting at $10.95/month
 FREE domain
 Host up to 25 websites/subdomains
 Unlimited RAID protected disk space
 Unlimited premium bandwidth
 Unlimited email accounts
 99.9% anti spam filtering
 Unlimited MySQL databases
 30 day retention of daily backups
 99.9% uptime guarantee
 Dedicated IP + SSL for $4.95/mo
 30 day money back guarantee

Starting at $5.95/month
 FREE domain
 Host 1 website
 100GBs of RAID protected disk space
 Unlimited premium bandwidth
 25 email accounts
 95% anti spam filtering
 Unlimited MySQL databases
 Daily backup
 99.9% uptime guarantee
 Dedicated IP + SSL for $4.95/mo
 30 day money back guarantee
Scalable products for large websites.

Cloud and bare metal, built and managed by our own in-house team of experts.
In-house, 24/7 support

Our own team, trained by us, with the knowledge of almost two decades of web hosting.

24/7 web hosting support


Our average ticket response time is 10 minutes, any time of the day or night, with most resolutions achieved just minutes after.


We do not outsource any of our support operations to third parties; your information is safe with us.


Live chat available 24/7 for any quick questions you may have.


Toll free, 24/7 support for emergencies that require fast response times.


Our customers love us!

Why are we different?

Find out what makes us tick and discover why our platform goes beyond what others offer.

  Our business philosophy: creating services that are fast and reliable while also providing a personal customer service experience.

  We do not outsource our infrastructure to a third party. We own, control and have physical access to all our servers and network infrastructure.

  Developers, you will feel right at home. We make sure any kind of application runs in our platform fast and trouble free.

  We have built a highly integrated software platform that manages our entire infrastructure, from web hosting and email to large clusters of servers.

  Most web hosting companies are just resellers of another company or just lease someone else's infrastructure. We don't. We own and operate our infrastructure. was founded almost two decades ago and has remained independent ever since, having hosted hundreds of thousands of clients from around the world.

Cloud VPS Hosting

ServerPoint runs one of the most powerful Cloud VPS Hosting platforms in the industry. Our fast multi core, RAID powered hypervisors can run your virtual servers with performance and uptime above what any other host provides.

We created our own Cloud VPS Hosting platform, powered by Xen, with our usual obsession for performance in mind. We designed features that you can't find in standard VPS Hosting services, such as live snapshots, 10gbit networking, fast deployment of virtual machines, and more.

Our platform provides what is necessary for fast Windows VPS hosting (whether it is Windows 2003 VPS, Windows 2008 VPS, Windows 2012 VPS, Windows 8 VPS, Windows 7 VPS or a Windows XP VPS), or Linux VPS Hosting, where you can create a CentOS VPS, Ubuntu VPS, Debian VPS, Fedora VPS and many others.

Dedicated Servers

We have been providing Dedicated Server Hosting services to thousands of satisfied customers since 2002. From low cost budget dedicated servers to our Colossus Enterprise Servers, our line of powerful, fully redundant dedicated servers.

Unlike most dedicated hosting providers, we are not resellers of another company. We run our own infrastructure, powered by a fully redundant multi-10 gigabit network, allowing us a level of response time unmatched in the industry.

Most servers are deployed within a matter of hours from the time of signing up. Our powerful, budget Xeon E3 dedicated servers are our most popular ones, and our largest clients prefer our 12 to 16 core Xeon E5 solutions.

No matter what your needs are, has a solution for you.

Web Hosting

Our classic Web Hosting services, perfect for the small business or individuals wanting to run a personal web site, currently hosts tens of thousands of web sites in a highly reliable platform. It is so reliable in fact that downtime amounts to less than ten minutes every few years.

With our non-overselling guarantee, you can be confident that our servers will never be slow due to over crowding.

We also offer an automated platform to install the most popular apps, making us one of the most popular web hosts for WordPress Hosting, as well as hosting popular apps such as Drupal, vBulletin and phpBB. We guarantee your web site will run faster at

And last, we've been providing web hosting services since 1998, a feat that very few of our competitors can claim.

About Us
Founded in 1998, ServerPoint has been professionally serving tens of thousands of clients with reliable, fast web hosting, dedicated servers and cloud server services.

We are a company with no long term debt, fully self funded and profitable every year. You can trust your business' online needs to us for many years to come.

The Latest News

 Weebly partnership
     October 30th, 2015

Weebly is now included with all web hosting plans! Learn more at the Weebly product page.

 Client Portal 4.1.2 launched!
     October 20th, 2015

Faster, new features, Weebly integration, beautiful resource charts for dedicated servers, and more.

 Web Hosting Generation 3!
     April 15th, 2014

Faster servers, new features, resource control and more. Check out our new improved plans and lower prices!

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