10 gigabit nics are now available for your bare metal dedicated server


10 gigabit networking is now available for bare metal dedicated servers!

Jonathan - Engineering

Dual 10 gigabit network interface cards (nics) are now available for private networks

When you have multiple bare metal dedicated servers and you need the fastest network performance for your servers to communicate with each other, dual 10 gigabit networking is the way to go.

Your dedicated server can be upgraded with two 10 gigabit network ports. Acting as one, it will provide a 20 gigabit capacity pipeline to our local network,

This is specially useful when using distributed applications, such as Ceph, MongoDB, Hadoop, Redis, and others.

10 gigabit public Internet access

We can also provide your bare metal dedicated server with up to 10 gigabits of Internet capacity. Talk to one of our sales people for more information.