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Microsoft cloud computing solutions for your online business

Aside from Microsoft itself, we are one of the largest providers of cloud computing solutions with virtual servers running Microsoft's operating systems.

With just a few clicks, your can deploy as many virtual servers running Microsoft Windows Server editions, as well as Windows 10.

We are also a provider of the entire Microsoft software catalog. Whether you need Microsoft SQL in your virtual server, or Office products, just let our sales staff know. We'll install any Microsoft software that you may need.

General purpose virtual servers

These are virtual servers with a good balance of RAM and CPU, for small and medium usage. They are also great for multi-threaded applications, such as hosting many websites for your clients.


2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


30 GBs SSD Disk

2 TBs Transfer





2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


50 GBs SSD Disk

3 TBs Transfer





4 Xeon E5 vCPUs


80 GBs SSD Disk

4 TBs Transfer



Most Popular!


8 Xeon E5 vCPUs


160 GBs SSD Disk

6 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

12 GBs RAM

200 GBs SSD Disk

8 TBs Transfer




Storage optimized virtual servers

When you need to store large amounts of data, these virtual servers can provide terabytes of space. They also include a generous amount of CPU power and RAM.


2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


500 GBs SSD Disk

3 TBs Transfer





4 Xeon E5 vCPUs


1000 GBs SSD Disk

4 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs


2000 GBs SSD Disk

6 TBs Transfer




High memory optimized virtual servers

When your application needs a lot of RAM, these virtual servers will do the work. These are great for large RAM based databases, caching servers and gaming.


8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

16 GBs RAM

300 GBs SSD Disk

10 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

32 GBs RAM

400 GBs SSD Disk

12 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

48 GBs RAM

400 GBs SSD Disk

14 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

64 GBs RAM

500 GBs SSD Disk

16 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

96 GBs RAM

700 GBs SSD Disk

20 TBs Transfer




All prices above include Windows licensing costs

All the Microsoft Windows capabilities you need

Your favorite Linux and Windows editions, available to deploy 24/7

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2016
  • Windows 2019
  • Windows 2022

All flavors of Microsoft Windows Server are available to deploy at any time, at any of our global data centers.

This is a developer's dream come true: the easiest way to test your applications in any version of Windows, including desktop editions.

It also makes it easy to run your Microsoft based servers on the editions that are comfortable for you and easily transition from one edition to another whenever a Windows version reaches End of Life.

Plus, all popular flavors of Linux are also available for the best in a hybrid cloud computing experience.

private vlan network included with all your windows virtual vps servers

Free private network for your Windows cloud virtual server

All of your Windows cloud virtual servers include two network interfaces with respective IP numbers: one for the public network, for access to and from the Internet, and one IP in the private IP network.

This private IP numbers allow your Windows virtual servers to privately exchange data with each other, within the same region, adding an additional level of security.

Your Linux virtual servers also include an IP in the same private network, so that your Windows applications have secure access to Linux based applications such as MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop and many others.

virtual vps hosting service powered by Windows operating systems

The professional Windows virtual server provider

We've been hosting and managing Windows based platforms for almost two decades. Whether you need to run Microsoft's SQL database, or just need a server for RDP hosting (remote desktop access), just know that our experience extends to your business! Trust your business to ColossusCloud.

Remote Desktop SAL

Each SAL (Subscriber Access License) allows your Windows operating system to allow more simultaneous users to your Windows server. Each SAL allows one more user.


Microsoft Exchange
The leading business server in the industry: email, workgroup, calendars, file sharing and more.

$90/mo for 10 users

Microsoft Office Standard
An installation of Microsoft Office Standard 2016 or 2019 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note and Publisher) in your Windows virtual server, licensed for remote usage.


Microsoft Office Professional
An installation of Microsoft Office Pro 2016 or 2019 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, Publisher and Access) in your Windows virtual server, licensed for remote usage.


Microsoft SQL Server
An installation of Microsoft SQL Standard, the leading database server from Microsoft.

$249/mo for 4 CPU cores

Microsoft Visual Studio
An installation of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional.


Microsoft Visual Studio
An installation of Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise.



There are many more Microsoft products available that we can install for you, such as Microsoft BizTalk, Dynamics, Project, SharePoint and more. Contact us!

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The cloud is a lot easier than you think

Linux and Windows cloud virtual servrs

The experts will always tell you that a hybrid environment is an optimal design.

While Windows cloud virtual servers can be used for applications such as Office, Microsoft SQL or Exchange, Linux cloud virtual servers can be used for web serving, S3-like object storage or for MapReduce computations using Hadoop or other similar servers.

The best thing is that both Linux and Windows cloud virtual servers can co-exist within ServerPoint's ColossusCloud platform, giving you a level of flexibility that did not exist just a few years ago.

Why go cloud with Windows servers?

It is just so easy and convenient! You can deploy Linux and Windows virtual servers in minutes, you can back them up in an instant, grow their RAM, CPU and disk space in an instant, and so much more.

Not only that, but the level of redundancy built into the platform increases the uptime of your online business.

And it is actually quite affordable! Unlike the expensive solutions from large companies, such as Amazon's AWS, our solution is quite affordable. Why? Because we are not a publicly traded company that is forced to squeeze every penny out of you to satisfy our investors.

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