AlmaLinux virtual and dedicated servers are now available!


AlmaLinux is here!

Jonathan - Engineering

We are pleased to announce that AlmaLinux is now available to deploy in a virtual server or bare metal dedicated server at ServerPoint.

AlmaLinux is an open source clone of the popular RedHat Linux, a commercial, enterprise solution that is both stable and well maintained.

AlmaLinux fills the void left by the death of CentOS, which used to be the most popular open source Linux distributions, until it ceased to exist in the form we all knew it.

AlmaLinux comes from the same time as CloudLinux, our favorite version of Linux. It is a commercial edition, but its main strength is that it provides great tools for the control of RAM and CPU usage per customer, as well as great management of PHP versions for our users.

In fact, CloudLinux is the perfect addition to cPanel, as it allows cPanel to control resources given to each client.

But why are we talking about CloudLinux, in a post about AlmaLinux?

Because AlmaLinux can be converted to CloudLinux with just one command, allowing you to grow to a commercial environment with full technical support and great features.

Visit for more information. And to begin using AlmaLinux, just log in to our portal at and deploy your first AlmaLinux server today!