All bare metal dedicated servers now with redundant power


Bare metal dedicated servers, now all with redundant power

Jonathan - Engineering

We are pleased to announce that all our bare metal dedicated servers now include redundant power supplies and redundant power feeds.

This is part of a process of transitioning to a more robust, blade server based architecture that allows for better reliability and management of our architecture.

All our servers are now based on SuperMicro's MicroCloud and BigTwin architectures; hardware that provides for servers to be like cartridges that plug into a big chassis, with better power efficiency and easier administration.

This process has been happening for several years, however, now a deadline approaches for the last remaining customers of very old bare metal dedicated servers to transition to new ones.

To learn more about our hardware, please visit SuperMicro's MicroCloud and BigTwin product pages. These are the types of servers that we've been using for many years, but now, 100% of all our new customers will be based on architecture like this.

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