Elevating server security with advanced DDoS Protection


Free DDoS protection for your Windows and Linux virtual and dedicated servers

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Elevating server security: New DDoS protection measures for your Windows and Linux virtual server as well as dedicated servers

Big news in server safety! We're enhancing our services with a top-notch DDoS protection feature, thanks to our collaboration with Path.net. This addition is a significant step forward in ensuring your digital real estate is more resilient and secure.

The lowdown on DDoS attacks and your defense

DDoS attacks flood your server with excess traffic, essentially blocking legitimate users from accessing your services. It's like an unwelcome flood of visitors overwhelming a party. Our latest offering aims to put a stop to these disruptions, ensuring your website's uptime and reliability.

Stepping up your server's defense

Here's the breakdown of our upgraded protection:

  1. Proactive monitoring: Our system is on constant watch, detecting anomalies that could signal an impending attack.
  2. Strategic redirection: Incoming traffic identified as a potential threat is quickly rerouted to Path.Net's dedicated scrubbing centers.
  3. Rigorous cleaning: Here, harmful traffic is separated from the genuine users, ensuring only clean traffic makes it to your server.
  4. Continuous smooth service: Despite any potential attacks, your services proceed undisturbed, keeping your operations as stable as ever.

Why Path.net stands out

Our choice to partner with Path.net for DDoS mitigation is based on their exceptional track record and advanced technology. They are at the forefront of defense tactics, offering swift and effective solutions to keep your servers safe.

To learn more about Path.Net, visit their website at https://Path.Net.

Which services will be protected?

All of our services will be under the protection of Path.Net's DDoS scrubbing service. This includes email hosting, WordPress web hosting, dedicated server hosting as well as our range of Linux and Windows virtual server hosting services.

How to activate this service?

Currently, this enhancement is being implemented across various of our data centers and is available at no additional cost. There's no action required on your part to benefit from this level of protection. We will provide updates here as each of our data center regions comes under the protection of Path.Net.

Ready for an upgrade in security that keeps you ahead of the threats? Establish a free account and get started with our enhanced DDoS protection now at ServerPoint's Client Portal.