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Introducing free DNS hosting with your virtual server or bare metal dedicated server hosting service

Jonathan - Engineering

New in ServerPoint's Client Portal 6.1a: Free DNS hosting at

Hey there! We've got some news at We're rolling out a Free DNS Hosting Service in our latest Client Portal Version 6.1a.

What's in it for you?

  • Free DNS Hosting: No hidden fees. Just manage your domain's DNS without any extra cost.

  • Easy Domain Setup: Point your domains to our services, such as virtual servers or WordPress without any hassle.

  • Strong DDoS Protection: Our new DNS infrastructure is DDoS protected.

  • Fast with Anycast DNS: We are expanding our anycast network to provide super fast DNS resolutions, anywhere in the world.

  • Safe and Secure: DNSSEC and two factor authentication protects your domain's DNS better than ever before.

Why use our DNS Hosting?

DNS can be tricky. We made it simple and free. Plus, with the new security and speed features, your website can be better than ever.

Ready to give it a go? Check out the new free DNS hosting service at

The hard working team at