Find your target audience and grow your web site business


Importance to Write for Your Target Audience


When you determine that you need content for your site (and every site needs content), you can't throw up any content just for search engines without considering your audience. Engaging your readers is key to make the content successful and turn random readers into actual paying customers. Without any engagement, you just throw content at search engines with no real value. Here are some tips to ensure that you create a blog that targets the right audience.

Who is Your Audience?

You can't write to your audience until you know who they are. For this, you need a strategy unless you intuitively know who reads your blog. If you have a long, established company, you might already know who this is, but most new site owners need to establish a reader base and get a better understanding of their target market.

To help with identifying your audience, it might help to create a "persona." You can also create a "customer journey." These two marketing documents explain your customers and your audience. It describes your audience's lifestyle, work habits, hobbies and general culture. It helps you "understand" your customer so that you can better market to their needs. It also explains why they want to buy your product and what your product can do for them.

Additionally, a persona document explains where you could improve the buyer's experience. For instance, perhaps your biggest drop-off point during the buying experience is on the checkout page. Perhaps it's the layout. Perhaps it's the credit cards you offer to take as payment. This will help you understand what you can do to improve the shopping experience.

You Could Have a Secondary Audience

Even if you identify your main audience, you usually have a secondary audience. This secondary audience can be a bit more difficult to identify. For instance, you could have a storefront dedicated to teens, but your secondary audience could be their parents.

For a secondary audience, you can create content based on specific keywords and then spin the content to target the other audience. If you target a second audience, make sure you link back to your original articles focused on your main target to interlink your content across your site.

What Do You Do After You Find Your Audience?

After you know your audience, you can work on the tone of your article. This is important as it will decide the way your article is written. In other words, if your audience is more of the academic type, you must write in a more formal tone. If your audience is buyers or the general public, you can write in a more light tone. Writing in the wrong style is a huge mistake in content marketing.

With the right audience and tone, your blog and any of your content marketing should engage users, which is your main goal. Remember that you want users to engage with your content and later purchase product and services. Connecting with them is the first start.