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Why do Experts Still Recommend a Dedicated Server Infrastructure/Private Cloud Over The Public Cloud?

See that uptime? It is not easy to get that with a virtual server in a shared environment.

Why? It is true in any system that the more moving parts a system contains, the more likely it will fail.

The same applies to the "cloud", or VPS service or virtual

Product Updates: Introducing ColossusCloud Generation 5!

Welcome to ServerPoint's new Client Portal!

  • This release introduces a completely redesigned user interface experience. Not only that, but the code base has been changed to make it easier for our developers to add new features! Just make sure you submit feedback!

Introducing ColossusCloud Generation 5!

  • Shorter virtual server deployment

Survival in the cloud: backup, backup, backup!

We just can't stress this enough.

Our daily usage of "the cloud" in our phones, for example, have given us a sense that everything we put in the cloud is safe and we do not need to worry about it. The cloud is some magical, ethereal perfect thing that stores

Survival in the cloud: Dump your SQL database to Dropbox/Box/Resilio

Since your data is, of course, highly valuable, your VMs are most likely signed up to one of our backup solutions (What? They are not??? You should!).

With ColossusCloud's backup service, our system will perform a "just in time" snapshot of your virtual server's disk every day. What does this

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5 Ways a Web Designer Can Customize Your Current Weebly Website

Weebly has an incredible tool that lets new website owners with little experience in web programming design a site. You don't need to code with Weebly, but there may come a time when you need to have a developer customize the design to scale a business from a small startup

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Learning to Code is Easier Than You Think

The thought of coding can be scary for someone new to the field. However, with the numerous coding tutorials and online learning courses, it's easier than you think. As a webmaster, learning to code is almost a must unless you have an available coder at your disposal at all times.

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