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Did you know you can deploy Linux and Windows virtual servers in the heart of Silicon Valley, powered  by ColossusCloud?

Our Santa Clara, California servers are in the same data center park as Google Cloud Compute and AWS's US-West California region; these facts along show the level of quality of


We are pleased to announce that we are now offering more options for your dedicated server's storage needs.

Powered by Samsung, Sandisk and Micron, the following enterprise SSD storage devices are now available for your dedicated server:

  • 480 GB SSD
  • 960 GB SSD
  • 1,920 GB (1.92TB) SSD
  • 3,


What do we have in store for our dedicated servers in the upcoming year?

You may have noticed we just released a new line of dedicated servers based on the Xeon Scalable Silver  and Xeon E3 v6 CPUs.

This new line of servers are certainly enterprise ready. They include:

  • Free


You are creating your new app or website; you want it to be popular and grow. You will of course need servers, which need a network, OS management, patch management, Internet uplinks, DDoS protection, distributed NoSQL databases, and.... etc., etc.

The physical aspect of running an infrastructure is no pie


For many years, we offered Windows 7 as one of the operating systems available for customers to install onto their new VPS servers. But as Windows 10 became popular, we decided to remove Windows 7 as an option, mostly because we didn't think its demand would continue high.

Well, we

customer riding a unicorn in imaginary hosting world

Every day, while doing SEO research for our websites, we constantly come across the famous keyword: free vps, as well as dozens of variations of it.

We also see a lot of clients arrive at our website looking for the same.

But here is the truth: unlike standard web hosting,


Did you know we operate six data centers around the globe? Well, know now that the beautiful city of Amsterdam hosts one of them!

Our Amsterdam, Netherlands data center opened back in December of 2015. It is hosted inside Interxion, one of Europe's leading managers of data center realty and

What do you get with our competitor's cheap Windows VPS? As a licensed Microsoft partner, we have to pay Microsoft for each copy of Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL, etc., that we provide for your dedicated server, cloud or VPS server.

We've seen some providers out there offering Windows VPS

Customers today are looking for quality and performance hence the era of cheap dedicated servers is over

There was a time when dedicated server providers competed with one another to offer servers at under $100/mo. That is no longer the case.

You may have noticed with the release of our new line of Xeon Scalable and Xeon E3v6 servers, that the lowest cost dedicated server we

The answer to that is one influenced by mother nature. See, southern Nevada, which includes the great city of Las Vegas, NV, is part of the United States' only natural disaster free zone. This zone extends from southern Nevada all the way to northern Utah.

This "disaster free zone" is

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