Expanding with our Singapore data center


Singapore: our fastest growing region

Jonathan - Engineering

Growing fast: our Singapore data center region

We're excited to share that our Singapore cloud computing data center region for deploying Windows and Linux virtual servers is currently our fastest-growing area, reflecting its strategic importance in the world of internet networking. Singapore's central role in Asia's network infrastructure makes it an ideal location for deploying servers, especially for clients in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and even Australia.

Why Singapore is a pivotal internet hub

Singapore is known for its robust connectivity and central location, making it a critical node in the Asia-Pacific region's internet infrastructure. This strategic position enables businesses to enjoy low latency and high-speed connections across neighboring countries, vital for operations requiring quick and reliable communication.

In fact, all submarine fiber optic cabling connecting every country in the region actually converge in Singapore.

Tailored solutions for Southeast Asia and beyond

Deploying Windows and Linux virtual servers in our Singapore data center means enjoying very low latency to all neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Our network in Singapore is powered by Telstra, HE.net, and PCCW, ensuring excellent local connectivity and a seamless online experience for end-users. There is also DDoS protection, free to all clients.

Premier hosting with Equinix and ensured business continuity

Our Singapore data center is hosted at a premier Equinix facility, known as Equinix SG3. The business-friendly and stable environment of Singapore also adds an extra layer of reliability, providing our clients with the assurance of continuous business operations.

This facility is a prime example of the latest modern technology in data center design. With reliable power, air conditioning and redundant entry points for fiber optic. It also has a very advanced security system and extensive access control of personnel.

Full DDoS protection

Our Singapore data center is fully protected against DDoS attacks by the cloud DDoS filtering services of Path.Net's network.

Who uses it?

We have quite a large number of customers at this region. In fact, the largest Thailand based web hosting company is hosted in our platform at Singapore, providing web hosting to tens of thousands of clients in Thailand.

How to use it and how fast is it?

Simply sign up at our Client Portal, provide a credit card and within minutes, you can deploy a number of Linux and/or Windows based virtual servers at this location. With Singapore being at the center of many countries around the Southeast Asia Pacific region, network latency between our facility and neighboring countries is quite low. To Thailand, it is about 30ms, while to Sydney, Australia, it is about 80ms.

If you're looking to expand or enhance your online presence in Southeast Asia or neighboring regions, consider our Singapore data center region. With our top-tier connectivity partners and strategic location, it's the perfect place to deploy your virtual networks. Visit ServerPoint's Client Portal to sign up and get started with your deployment.