Deploy virtual VPS servers in Singapore, the Internet heart of South East Asia


Virtual servers at our Singapore data center, powered by Equinix

Jonathan - Engineering

This week, our team of engineers are in Singapore performing capacity upgrades, providing for faster hosting of your Linux and Windows virtual servers at this data center region.

Virtual server hosting (VPS hosting) in Singapore

For several years, our cloud computing virtualization platform, ColossusCloud, has hosted tens of thousands of Linux and Windows based virtual servers at our data center in Singapore.

Hosted by Equinix

Equinix, the largest data center company in the world, manages 5 large data centers in Singapore. Because of their great infrastructure and network connectivity, we chose Equinix to host ServerPoint's ColossusCloud. Other cloud companies, such as AWS, Microsoft's Azure and Google Cloud Compute, are also hosted within Equinix data centers in Singapore.

Windows and Linux edge computing for Asia

Why Singapore? Singapore provides a great business climate in the South East Asia region of the world. From a technical perspective, it is the most interconnected country in this region of the world. In fact, all countries in the region, including Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and others, are connected to Singapore via undersea fiber optic cabling.

Fast network access to your virtual server from neighboring countries

Because all countries in the region interconnect and exchange data with one another in Singapore, connectivity to your virtual server will be fast from countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

Create an account today and deploy your first virtual server today! We are sure you will enjoy the performance that ColossusCloud offers to users in this region of Asia.