Windows 7 virtual servers are again available to deploy


Windows 7 is back at ColossusCloud


For many years, we offered Windows 7 as one of the operating systems available for customers to install onto their new VPS servers. But as Windows 10 became popular, we decided to remove Windows 7 as an option, mostly because we didn't think its demand would continue high.

Well, we were wrong! Clients have kept asking for it and many prefer it over Windows 10.

So we are happy to announce that you can again deploy a new Windows 7 VPS at ColossusCloud, at any of our 6 data center regions.

We still recommend Windows 10 as a superior option, but if you have your heart set on Windows 7, or, your application does not run in Windows 10, go ahead and deploy one right away. It will be ready in just minutes.

Remember to always let us know what you want out of ColossusCloud, our premiere VPS cloud virtualization platform.

For prices and more information, visit our Windows 7 VPS page today.