High frequency VPS hosting, with 3.5Ghz Xeon Gold processors!

Super Fast 3.5Ghz VPS!

Introducing our new line of virtual servers: our G4 series, running on Intel Xeon Gold CPUs at 3.5Ghz! Perfect for single thread applications, such as PHP, greatly accelerating any applications based on it, such as WordPress.

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Super fast Linux and Windows VPS!

A new generation of faster VPS hosting

A much faster Windows and Linux server experience.

With Intel's Xeon Gold processors, you can now deploy a virtual server with your favorite Linux or Windows distribution, hosted on faster CPUs and faster DDR4 RAM.

And best of all, quality, uptime and performance is of the highest in the industry. With prices beginning at just $5/mo, we look forward to hosting your business for many years to come.

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infrastructure as a service

ServerPoint's virtual servers: an easy to use, feature rich cloud computing platform

The power of Linux and Windows virtual server hosting with just a click

global deployment

Deploy web hosting, cloud hosting and virtual server hosting at any of our worldwide locations

data center regions in the united states, europe and south east asia
  • 1 Sillicon Valley, California
  • 2 Las Vegas, NV, US
  • 3 Dallax, TX, US
  • 4 Ashburn, VA, US
  • 5 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 6 Singapore

SSD based virtual server hosting

The next generation of VPS hosting: scalable, customizable, fast and easy.

General purpose

General purpose virtual servers are designed for a balance of RAM and CPU power, for small applications or distributed servers.

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High frequency

For applications that require vCPU cores at over 3Ghz, our G4 high frequency plans will run your single threaded applications the fastest possible.

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High RAM

For applications that use a lot of RAM, such as Redis and other distributed NoSQL databases, our high RAM virtual servers will fit you nicely.

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Storage optimized

When you need space for files, these are for you. Available with up to 2TBs of storage; even better when using a distributed storage system such as MinIO.

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