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Blog Run your MetaTrader software on ColossusCloud's Windows VPS!


For years, many clients have been using our Windows VPS (virtual private servers) to run Forex applications, such as MetaTrader.

MetaTrader is the premier application used to trade in the currency markets, also known as Fx trading. The beauty of MetaTrader is its plugin capability. It allows for the creation of EAs (Expert Advisors); plugins that, based on some algorithms or artificial intelligence, can automatically trade for you, with quite a good amount of success.

Because trading the currency markets is a 24 hour job (markets are open at different times throughout the world), it is imperative that your MetaTrader software, and its EAs, run 24/7. And that is where ColossusCloud's Windows VPS for Forex come into play.

Deploy a Windows virtual server from within our ColossusCloud client portal, and within minutes, you will have a fully functional Windows operating system running  in our cloud platform, with the highest uptime and reliability, something that your home computer or workstation cannot match.

Sign up for ColossusCloud today, deploy your first Windows VPS, install MetaTrader and begin trading. We wish you great success!

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