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ServerPoint's bare metal dedicated servers

As easy as deploying a cloud virtual server

With our beautiful, yet sophisticated Client Portal, we've made it easy to deploy bare metal dedicated servers.

We have hosted thousands of bare metal dedicated servers over the years. And now, deploying servers is as easy as any cloud system. You just choose the model you desire and the operating system that you need, and click "Deploy".

In less than an hour, your server will be ready for your usage.

40/100G Network

Multi-homed BGP network

ServerPoint is one of the very few web hosting companies in the world that operate their own global network. Not only that, but we are connected to the largest networks in the world including NTT, Cogent and Zayo, the backbones of the Internet.

bgp network powered by Zayo BGP network powered by Cogent for all our web hosting and vps hosting platform ntt is part of our BGP pool telstra is great in our singapore BGP pool hurricane electric is available at a few of our data center regions

SSD and NVMe storage

Allows for super fast disk I/O and long disk durability

Private networking

Fast, private network conencting all your servers together, at up to 20gbps

Fast provisioning

Once you click "Deploy", your server ready in less than an hour

Windows & Linux

Your choice of Windows or Linux enterprise operating systems