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How ServerPoint's Affiliate Program works.

Utilizing our tools to create custom tracking links, you can refer clients to sign up to ServerPoint's services and then receive a very profitable commission per qualifying sale!

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  • Link To Us

    Place links or banners on your website, personal network, social network or other mediums.

  • Order is made

    Each qualifying order is then credited to your affiliate account, which you can manage in realtime.

  • Receive a Commission

    Receive a commission for every purchase made by your referrals. It is truly that easy!

ServerPoint's Lucrative Commission Structure!

  • Cloud VPS ServerPoint's ColossusCloud
  • Up to $140 per client First 6 months of client's payments
  • Dedicated Servers
  • $200 per sale
  • Cloud Hosting Personal Plus Plan
  • $140 per sale
  • Cloud Hosting Professional Plan
  • $400 per sale
  • Cloud Hosting Premium Plan
  • $1,000 per sale
  • Web Hosting Starter Plan
  • $90 per saleIf 1-5 sales per month
  • $108 per saleIf 6-25 sales per month
  • $125 per saleWhen over 25 sales per month
  • Web Hosting Premium Plan
  • $90 per saleIf 1-5 sales per month
  • $108 per saleIf 6-25 sales per month
  • $125 per saleWhen over 25 sales per month

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Reasons to become a ServerPoint affiliate.

A team dedicated
to helping affiliates succeed.

Our affiliate support is team well trained and dedicated to just our affiliates. Not only that, but we also have a team working on ideas and content: from banner design, to A/B testing and landing page design, we are working non-stop to help you maximize your efforts.

Constant improvements to our website and products to increase conversion rates.

Our website and products are not static. We are constantly adding value and features in order to increase conversion rates, such as new free services, free add-ons, remarketing, sales, coupons, special offers, better call-to-action events and more.

Innovative products and services.

We don't settle for just shared hosting as other companies do. We are a custom development house that can create any kind of infrastructure for any kind of customer. From personal blogs to websites and apps that require hundreds of high computing servers, we can handle it.

Trust your customers to us; we’ll take good care of them.

4.9 rating on Shopper Approved.

ServerPoint's entire infrastructure is designed in-house and has been evolving for almost twenty years. We didn't just grab off the shelf components to build it, we built it for flexibility, ease of use and performance. We host tens of thousands of small and large clients from around the world; from personal blogs running WordPress to clients running complex infrastructures on hundreds of servers. We are highly dedicated to meeting our client's needs and providing the best customer service in the industry.

Higher chances of a sale by offering multiple products!

The easiest way to host and also design a website, easily powered by the popular WordPress, Weebly, or your own design.

Starting at $4/mo

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The power of a dedicated server in the simplicity of web hosting, without the headaches of managing a server.

Starting at $35/mo

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Deploy SSD powered virtual servers, running in our custom built ColossusCloud platform, across any of our worldwide locations.

Starting at $5/mo

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Build your own large cloud infrastructure, powered by Xeon E3 and E5 CPUs, fast 10gig networks and SSD arrays.

Starting at $99/mo

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Frequently asked questions

What happens when I place a link on my website and someone clicks it?

When a user visits our website via your affiliate link, our website will place a cookie on that visitor's browser that identifies your affiliate ID. That cookie is identified by any of our order capture pages and systems, and thus, it associates the order with your affiliate account. This cookie can last up to 60 days.

How do you deal with customer fraud and abuse?

Fraud is quite common in affiliate programs. Thieves will use stolen credit cards to place orders via their affiliate links and then claim the commissions. However, our software and staff are both quite good at detecting fraud. Any high rate of fraud detected through an affiliate's link will trigger an audit and an investigation.

Do I get my commissions right away?

Unfortunately, no. Due to credit card and affiliate fraud, all affiliate programs have a minimum waiting period to release a commission. At ServerPoint, this period is 90 days.

What is the income potential?

There are affiliates out there making over $100,000 per month in commissions. There are many ways to do so: for example, you can create YouTube training videos or webinars showing how to do something in WordPress, and at the same time, promote your affiliate link to thousands of your viewers. That's just one example of the many legitimate ways an affiliate can create a great source of income from ServerPoint's affiliate program.

What is a legitimate way?

Let's mention a few illegitimate ways to use our affiliate program: don't send out spam advertising it, don't load your affiliate link into malware, don't trick people into clicking your affiliate link. Just be honest.

Is the commission fully paid up-front?

Let's say you are entitled to a $100 commission from the sale of a virtual server. If the client is paying, for example, $25 per month for that virtual server, then you will be receiving $25 commissions until it reaches $100. Each of those partial commissions have a 90 day waiting period. However, for many products, such as web hosting, most clients pay in advance for several years of service, allowing your commission goal to be reached immediately.

What if a client ordered a product when it was on sale or the client had a coupon code?

Then it might just take a bit longer to reach your final commission goal to be reached for that specific sale, but you will still get the full commission you are entitled to.

Are there products that do not apply towards the commission of a sale?

Any product for which we have to pay another company in order to acquire it does not apply towards a commission. This applies to, but is not limited to: Microsoft software licenses, cPanel or Plesk, domain names, SSL certificates and Weebly.

How are commissions paid?

All payments will be done via bank transfer through an international bank transfer clearing house. Be aware that either, or both, your bank or the clearing house may charge a small fee for this. Also, if you currently have service with us, you may apply your commissions towards your service.

What if ServerPoint rejects a sale? Or a client cancels and asks for his money to be returned?

While that is rare, then in such an event, a commission will not apply.

Is there a reason why ServerPoint would reject a commission to an affiliate?

The affiliate program is meant to be mutually beneficial: it is for both affiliates and ServerPoint to increase their income and client base. Affiliates must make an effort to promote our services via their website, social media and other mediums. It is not a program to just, for example, sell yourself an account in order to get its commission also. That is not mutually beneficial.

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