PCCW joins as new network provider at our Singapore data center


New network provider at our Singapore data center: PCCW

Jonathan - Engineering

New network provider at our Singapore data center: PCCW

We are excited to announce that PCCW, a leading global network provider, is now part of our Singapore data center. This partnership enhances our network capabilities and provides our clients with even better connectivity and reliability.


PCCW is known for its robust network infrastructure and extensive coverage across the globe. By integrating PCCW into our Singapore data center, we're bringing world-class connectivity to your virtual and dedicated servers. This means faster speeds, more reliable connections, and better performance for all your online needs.

What this means for you

With PCCW now part of our network:

  • Enhanced speed and reliability: Expect faster loading times and more stable connections for your applications and websites.
  • Global reach: Benefit from PCCW's extensive network, which connects multiple major cities around the world.
  • Improved performance: Enjoy smoother and more efficient online experiences, whether you're hosting a website, running applications, or managing databases.

Looking ahead

We are thrilled about this new addition and hope to expand PCCW's integration into more of our data centers in the near future. This expansion will continue to enhance the quality of our network services globally.

Ready to experience the enhanced capabilities of our Singapore data center with PCCW? Explore our services and see the difference today!

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