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To support your business growth, you need a scalable, high-performance website. And the only way to ensure your website has all the scalability and performance it needs is to use a trusted VPS hosting provider that offers the right speed, security and usability. VPS is the next step up from shared hosting, and ServerPoint is a hosting provider you can trust.

Why Switch to VPS?

Shared hosting is fine for a small blog or personal website, but at some point, shared resources can be your business' bottleneck. VPS is the next step up and it offers better resources, better control of your site's configurations and faster speeds for higher amounts of traffic.

Virtual private servers (VPS) offer you a middle-of-the-road option between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are leased as a whole, which means you rent the entire physical machine and no other customer has access to it. With a VPS, you have a virtual machine all to yourself but you still share the background memory, CPU and hard drive space.

You lease partial amounts of server resources. The physical machine could have 64GB of memory but you only lease 1 or 2 GB. The amount of resources you lease depends on your business needs. What's great about the cloud-based VPS services is that you can add resources to your VPS in the future should you decide you need more to scale applications.

One of the advantages of a VPS is that you can control server configurations as if it was a dedicated machine. You have an individual dashboard and control panel that lets you configure site settings including the host platform as well as any APIs or web services. A VPS gives you much more control over your server compared to shared hosting. With shared hosting, the provider might have 1000s of sites on one server, so they all must have the same configurations to ensure the stability of the physical machine.

ServerPoint's Cloud VPS Service.

ServerPoint has a cloud VPS hosting service, which is far better than standard, traditional service. With cloud service, your VPS infrastructure is replicated across the cloud, which means your service is located at several different geographic locations. When users access your website or a web service, the service distributes the software from the closest geographic location from the user. This increases speed and improves performance.

Cloud hosting has several advantages over standard VPS service. First, you take advantage of the cloud and its resources. You can also put your backups in the cloud, which offers better security especially if you don't have a team of experts onsite. You can let ServerPoint's security teams keep your data and backups safe.

Another advantage of cloud VPS hosting is that you can scale your resources as your business grows. During slow seasons, scale down to save on technology costs. ServerPoint lets you integrate your technology costs into your overall costs without straining your budget with resources you don't need all year around.

Check out ServerPoint's VPS services page to estimate costs and find out what type of VPS resources are right for you. And should you have any questions regarding cloud VPS hosting, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team. We are always here for you!