3.84TB solid state disks (SSD) now available for your dedicated server


3.84TB SSD drives now widely available

Jonathan - Engineering

We are pleased to announce that 3.84TB SSDs, as well as 7.68TB models, are now widely available to bare metal dedicated server customers.

Two years ago, we made the decision to eliminate regular HDDs (hard disk drives) as the primary storage device in all our bare metal dedicated servers.

Why, you ask? SSD drives, or solid state disks, while they have less capacity at a higher price, are far more reliable than mechanical hard drives. Hard disk drives, as a device with a lot of moving parts, ultimately do fail, as any device with moving parts does.

All our bare metal servers now include a 960GB SSD drive, as the minimum size we include. Some of our models also have 1.92TB SSD disks, and now, some models also include the larger 3.84TB SSD models.

Now, this does not mean we no longer offer magnetic media hard disk drives. We do! You can add a secondary hard disk drive to your bare metal dedicated server at any time. In fact, we have some models that also include a hard disk drive as secondary storage.

Both 8TB and 16TB hard disk drives are available, and we can customize a model for you, with up to 32 hard drives, if you need massive storage space. RAID is also available.
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Also, you can see some photos of these new SSD drives in our Instagram account.