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Blog 5 Important Things to Consider While Registering a Domain Name

Things to Consider While Registering a Domain Name

Do you have a great idea for an online business?

Or do you have an offline business which you want to establish online as well?

Maybe what you are is a small business or perhaps a visionary with a dream, or a passionate blogger. Let your venture be anything, there is no way you can discount the need for an online presence that is strong, positive and vibrant.

Setting up a website with a unique and simple name that stays hooked in the mind of your target audience is the very step for making an impact in the online world.Having a website for your company or brand is very essential, It’ll help you grow your business in more ways than you can imagine. Starting out small doesn’t mean you will remain small always. You have to think big from the very beginning to expand your world of opportunity.

At times registering a domain name is quite easy, you get what you desire. But most other times it is not the case. It can take days to find that perfect domain name which defines and articulate your company at the same time.

But never ever settle for a passable one, that's the one and only thumb rule.

In short, your domain name is going to be your brand name, so think twice before you register one.

Adding to the above facts, consider these 5 points before registering your domain name:

1) Keep it Short and Simple. The shorter and easier your domain name is to spell and remember, the better. Your customers will thank you, and your business will benefit.

2) Google it. Search for both [domainname] and [domain name].

Some things to look into:

  • If Google considers your domain name to be a typo, that’s a no-go sign. You will be really surprised to know how many people actually search Google for a domain name instead of directly calling it in the browser. And when they see that “did-you-mean” message, you risk losing a valuable visitor who really meant to find you.
  • Make sure the domain name is not associated with any other existing brands. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to be different from them and still effective. If that is not convincing enough remember all the chaos that could arise with a copyright related legal battle.
  • Check the urban dictionary to make sure the word has no negative connotation in the Internet, school or urban slang. Be safe than sorry!

3) A look at the history of the domain can be informative.

For SEO advantage you can consider the option to buy a used old domain name.
But be sure you select an old domain name for your blog after doing proper research. There might be chances that you select a banned or blacklisted domain name, which might create a problem in approving Google Adsense or which would show warnings in any search engines.
My word is, for branding, it's always a good idea to start something of your own.

4) Choosing the right TLD extension.

Yeah, you are right. Everyone wants a .com.
If you are able to lock the one that you are looking for, in time, then it's perfect.

But here is an interesting fact: the number of .com registrations have reached 124 million last year! And you might not be the only one who has thought about that name. Which means there are chances that you may not get that short and perfect website address ending in that popular top-level domain (TLD) extension. In such cases, if you are ready to try out something different, you can definitely consider buying something other than a .com for your primary business domain. For example, if your company only does business within one country, it can make sense for you to get a domain in the ccTLD for your country. Examples are .co.uk, .de and .ca.

Additionally, there are hundreds of new TLDs released recently.

Take a look here to see the list of Internet TLDs.

Finding the perfect combination of words could make wonders for your brand.

5) Choosing the right registrar.

So now comes to the other important question: Where should you register your domain?

A good registrar is one who:

  • never hides any fees.
  • pays the registry for the same number of years you order up front.
  • gives you direct, unrestricted access to your whois records, registrar locks, authorization codes and domain’s DNS settings.
  • who offers a whois email privacy service and will never sell your data to a third party
  • helps you renew the domains even if you forget doesn't try to upsell you with services that you do not need who is there to answer your queries 24*7

Serverpoint.com has been in hosting business for over 18 years and you can bet on us for providing the best domain registrar service in the industry.

Register a new domain through us in 2 ways:

If you are a new customer, while you sign up for our shared hosting services we give you the opportunity to register a new domain free of cost totally!

If you already have an account with us then you can register a new domain from your Client Portal.

You can check out this short video to get started:

So all set to register your domain name?
Get started with ServerPoint's Web Hosting plans!


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