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5 Ways a Web Designer Can Customize Your Current Weebly Website


Weebly has an incredible tool that lets new website owners with little experience in web programming design a site. You don't need to code with Weebly, but there may come a time when you need to have a developer customize the design to scale a business from a small startup to a viable business. Here are five ways a web designer can help customize your Weebly website.

1. CSS Customization.

CSS is the code that controls your layout, colors and font. Stylizing a website is done mainly through your CSS code with a little JavaScript in between the frontend and the backend. If you ever decide to customize your site with different colors or fonts, you'll need to edit the CSS file.

You can create inline styles in the HTML code, but this is much less efficient because you need to change several files if you ever decide to change your layout again. With the CSS file, you set your styles in one place, and you only need to change it again in one place.

2. Edit Header Information.

Weebly has an HTML editor that lets you change the code on your site. The head section of your code contains basic site properties such as links to your JavaScript and CSS files, the title and any meta tags, which are used by search engines. This section can be used to customize much of the search engine optimization needed to rank the site well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. Add a Logo.

When you first start out, you might skimp on a professional logo. You might even use the default logo with your theme. When it's time to scale up, you need someone to not only design your logo but to fit it in with your current theme. Of course, your logo should fit the design of the site, and some website designers can help you create a great logo.

4. Change the Background Color or Image.

You've probably seen websites with different image backgrounds and colors. You can use the background of your site to place advertising in an effort to monetize your site.

The background is usually set with the body HTML tag. Your website designer can edit the HTML code to set either a solid color background, a linear gradient color or an image background. Just test the changes first to ensure that it works with your site's theme and colors.

5. Customize Your User Experience.

User experience is more important than ever since each one of your customers has several options online. When they check out your website, they choose you over one of your competitors.

To keep your existing customers and to gain new customers, a web designer can help you improve your user experience to streamline the process. Your user experience includes layout, design, workflow and even the placement of buttons. These small elements add up to big issues on the site that a web designer can optimize.

If your Weebly website needs customization, make sure you hire a web designer for the job. A professional web designer can make all the difference in the way your audience feels and reacts to your site, which ultimately can increase user engagement and help your business grow.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Weebly website, feel free to contact ServerPoint's customer support at any time. We are always here for you!