Transforming our data center!


A data center transformation project is about to begin!

Jonathan - Engineering

For years, has been running 6 data centers around the world. Our oldest one, our data center in Las Vegas, Nevada, is about to undergo a great transformation!

It is time for it to get a new facelift to newer technology.

We've been operating this data center for almost 15 years, and while parts of it are modern with newer technology, other parts are legacy and older. It is time to eliminate such legacy technology.

So, servers at this data center will go from this:


To this:



These are blade servers, that are far more power efficient and also occupy less space.

On the plus side, our carbon footprint will be reduced significantly!

This transformation will involve moving the hard disks and SSDs of client's dedicated servers from their old physical chassis over to the new blade servers. The hardware will have CPU speed and RAM capacity equivalent to what you have now.

However, this will be a great opportunity to upgrade!

You can easily move up to more CPU cores, more RAM, etc. Or, if you wish, you can order a whole new server, with newer technology such as DDR4, super fast NVMe drives, 10G connections, and more.

Over the next two months, our staff will be reaching out to each one of you individually to arrange for this transition and make you an offer to upgrade. We will make these upgrades quite affordable to everyone!

Also, our staff will need the root/Administrator password to your server in order to do changes to its network configuration, as the MAC address for the network interfaces will change.

As always, we work hard to make our services better every year!