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Blog A Recap of 2016: A Look at the Most Innovative Apps of 2016

most innovative apps of year 2016

This year saw the expansion of several apps that had their beginning years ago. We also saw several apps take off as some of the most popular and innovative apps on the market. If you want to try something new on your smartphone or tablet, here are some apps that made it from unknown startups to popular apps used by millions of people.

Lose It!

Anyone who tried to lose weight would tell you that it's not easy, but the Lose It app makes it much easier. Many food tracking apps before this one forced you to track your calories manually, but this app lets you integrate menus. It tracks ratios between carbohydrates and fats, and it includes menus from many chain restaurants so you can immediately see the calories that you're consuming.


As you know, your email and text messages are always separated by different apps. Email is used differently than text messages. In email, for example, you have attachments and signatures. Hop is an app that lets you turn standard email messages into text message style communication. If you prefer to read a long thread of messages similar to text message style, then the Hop app is for you.


Being naturally gifted in math is something we all wish we had. But in reality, some people struggle and need a little help. PhotoMath is one such app that helps you solve math problems. You take a picture with your smartphone and PhotoMath solves the problem for you within seconds. You can use this app to solve problems and understand the answers. It's the tutor that you never had and instead of frustration through math homework, PhotoMath helps you from the comfort of your home.


Sleep is essential for health, so it's no surprise that you can find an app that helps you track sleep patterns. You may not even know that your sleep habits are hurting your health. With Runtastic, you can track the number of hours that you sleep each night (or day). This app helps you to better understand your sleep patterns so that you can identify if it is a part of any of your health concerns.


Slack isn't a new app, but it just started gaining momentum this year. Slack is an app that helps you communicate as a team. It's mainly used by developers, but other teams and industries are moving towards Slack as well. Slack is a communication tool that you can use on your phone or desktop, and it helps keep any project flowing smoothly. Share documents, update status and help overcome any communication issues from remote teams. If you have teams across the globe, Slack will become a major benefit.

If you haven't already, make sure you try some of the apps we list for you here. We're pretty sure you'll find them useful. Moving into 2017, the app industry should see even more useful apps that can bring teams together, help improve education, and bring more entertainment to our lives.

If you have any questions about any of the above apps, don't hesitate to contact us at Serverpoint.com. As always, we are here for you!

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