All Intel CPUs that we have offered throughout history


All the CPUs we have offered throughout the years in our dedicated servers and the CPUs you can upgrade to.

Jonathan - Engineering

As part of our transformation project for our Las Vegas data center, you will most likely have the opportunity to upgrade your CPU to a faster one for a very low price. Our team will reach out to you with an offer to upgrade. RAM upgrades are also available!

As an example, many clients with E5-26xx CPUs could upgrade from, say, a 6 core CPU to a 12 core CPU, without doing any changes to the operating system.

Dedicated servers with Linux can upgrade to just about any CPU, even from an old Intel X3220 all the way up to an E5-26xx v4 CPU.

There are some exceptions, however. Clients with Windows based dedicated servers can upgrade to a CPU with more cores as long as the new CPU is within the same generation. For example, from an E5-2620 v2 to a E5-2697 v2, but not to a v3, v4 or Xeon Scalable. Why? Because Windows doesn't like such dramatic changes and it most likely won't boot again.

Here are all the CPUs we've offered along with the number of cores and benchmark of each CPU.

We strongly suggest you upgrade to a CPU with more cores, and add RAM along the way!

When our team reaches out to you, they will let you know the CPU and RAM specs of your current server and will give you pricing for CPU and RAM upgrades.

You can then come back to this page and take a look at how much faster your server will run!

Upgrade today! It will be very affordable and will greatly extend the lifespan of your server operations