Customize your bare metal dedicated server, with up to 512GB of RAM


Custom bare metal dedicated server with 512GB of RAM

Jonathan - Engineering

Did you know we can customize a bare metal dedicated server to your needs?

A customer recently came to us requesting to build him a bare metal infrastructure for his VMware ESX based platform.

Coming from AWS, where he was paying exorbitant fees to run VMware, he asked us for a quote for several bare metal servers with an SSD based RAID6, with 512GB of fast DDR4 RAM and with as much SSD data storage as possible for a reasonable price.

We quickly suggested our line of bare metal dedicated servers, model 1000 and 1001, which are powered by an Intel E5-2680v4 processor, with 14 CPU cores / 28 vCPUs, and built-in RAID powered by an LSI 3108 chipset, with 1GB of onboard write RAM cache.

As exclusive users of SuperMicro, model 1000 and 1001 are powered by SuperMicro's 2028TP-HC1TR.

These models contain four individual server blades; they are very power efficient, compact and have redundant power supply feeds.

Since our models 1000 and 1001 do not necessarily have the necessary specs, we customized a model with the following:

  • Dual E5-2683v4, for a total of 32 CPU cores, or 64 vCPUs
  • 512GB of RAM, using 16 x 32GB Samsung DDR4-2400 memory modules
  • Dual 10g NICs, connected redundantly to two network switches
  • 6 x 3.84TB Samsung Data Center SSD drives, in a RAID6 configuration, providing a usable amount of space of 14TBs

This server provides far more capacity at a price much lower than what he was paying at AWS, and lower than Google GCP or Azure (if they provided VMware based virtual server hosting).

Four of these bare metal dedicated servers were delivered to the client with VMware ESX pre-installed. The customer is happy with the boost in performance and capacity, while fitting a smaller budget.

Contact our sales team to request a custom bare metal server infrastructure that will precisely fit your needs.