CentOS servers are no longer available


CentOS Linux is dead

Jonathan - Engineering

For many years, CentOS was the open source version of the popular enterprise edition of Linux, RedHat Linux.

This made CentOS a robust Linux operating system at a price of $0 to the user. The best aspect of it is that CentOS, just like RedHat Linux, are both long term stable (LTS) editions. That means that their teams would continue releasing security updates to the operating system for about 5 years.

In the world of server administration, that is quite valuable, as you don't need to be installing newer versions of Linux every 12 or 18 months, as with other Linux distributions.

The CentOS team was acquired by RedHat back in 2014, with the promise of advancing open source innovations. But we knew that sooner or later, this would be happening.

RedHat has announced that CentOS 8 will be the last of the CentOS, and it will not be an LTS release. Its last security update was released December of 2021.

CentOS 8 will no longer be available to deploy at ServerPoint's cloud computing architectures, whether it is bare metal dedicated servers or virtual servers.

What to do, you ask? AlmaLinux and RockyLinux are coming to the rescue... stay tuned for an announcement of that.