Cheap dedicated bare metal servers are no longer necessary


Cheap dedicated server hosting is a thing of the past

Jonathan - Engineering

If you’ve been looking for a low cost, cheap dedicate hosting, we are here to tell you that it’s dead. That’s right. With server virtualization technology, there’s no longer a need for dedicated servers priced below $100 per month.

ColossusCloud, the virtualization platform that has built from the ground up, is an incredible platform for deploying virtual servers. With all the advancements and software improvements in the past few years, we can say that the performance of a virtual machine surpasses that of a dedicated server at certain price ranges. And we can say that with a hundred percent certainty, because of our experience managing our ColossusCloud platform and the dedicated server hosting platform.

Just like many other dedicated server providers in the industry, ServerPoint offers a variety of dedicated servers for under $60 per month. Normally, for this price, you get a very old server with a CPU such as an old AMD Athlon, Intel Core2Duo or Core2Quad, Atom processor, and other similar processors. But such old technologies cannot compare to the power of our ColossusCloud servers (also known as hypervisors). Each hypervisor features Intel’s dual Xeon E5 processors, SSD-based RAID storage and up to 384 GBs of RAM.

When you compare a $60 per month dedicated server running a dual core Core2Duo processor, 4GBs of RAM and a single disk, with ColossusCloud’s $60 per month cloud virtual server running on 4 Xeon E5 CPU cores and an SSD RAID array, it’s clear that you get better performance with ColossusCloud. In addition, our ColossusCloud virtual servers do not share resources and we do not oversubscribe our service.

Of course, there are cases when using a dedicated server makes more economical sense. We have a client running Hadoop in approximately 40 Xeon E5 dedicated servers. Each of the servers has 36 hard disks (with 4TB capacity each) and all servers are connected to a private 10 Gbps network. To achieve something like that with virtualization would be extremely expensive, especially in large cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

So, if you’re looking for a dedicated server priced below $100 per month, we recommend you go virtual with ColossusCloud. It’s just the logical thing to do. In fact, at ServerPoint, we are planning to discontinue the use of all dedicated servers priced below $100 per month. It just doesn’t make sense any more. After all, it's 2016. And even though cars don't fly yet, server virtualization makes things much faster and more convenient.

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