Protect your VPS hosting infrastructure with two factor authentication


Two factor authentication coming soon!

Jonathan - Engineering

Coming soon: Two-Factor Authentication via SMS in Client Portal 6.1a

We're thrilled to announce a pivotal upgrade to the security features of our client portal. In version 6.1a, we're ushering in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS to further safeguard your cloud computing assets.

Why Two-Factor Authentication?

With 2FA, besides your password, you'll need a unique verification code sent to your mobile via SMS, making unauthorized access immensely challenging.

Protection Beyond Login:

This isn't just about accessing the client portal. It's about fortifying every asset linked to your account:

  • Virtual Servers: Ensure your virtual environments remain exclusively yours.
  • Bare Metal Dedicated Servers: Add an additional layer to guard your physical server assets.
  • WordPress Installations: Protect your websites and their backend configurations.
  • Domain Registration: Keep your domain management activities and settings securely under your control.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Login as Usual: Provide your username and password at
  2. Go to your profile configuration: It is found at the top right corner, under "Account"
  3. Provide your SMS phone number: You can also provide a secondary one, in case someday, your primary number is not working for some reason.
  4. Enter the Code: You will be sent a verification code to ensure the phone number is reachable via SMS.
  5. Access Granted: After the code gets verified, you're good to go!

From this moment forward, whenever you log in to ServerPoint's Client Portal, a 6 digit code will be sent to you, which you will need to enter in order to continue logging in.

Stay connected for more enhancements, and as always, thank you for being an integral part of the community.


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