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Blog cPanel introduces a new licensing and pricing structure.

cPanel has introduced a new structure of prices and tiers and is moving away from the unlimited flat-rate model they have followed for almost 20 years. This shortly after being  acquired by Oakley Capital, which also owns Plesk and SolusVM. They have also significantly reduced the reseller discount they give hosting companies like us.

These  changes, of course, is something that we do not agree with, due to the  increase in cost to our customers, but also, because the previous  reseller discounts could cover the cost of technical support we provide  to our loyal clients for their cPanel installations. Now, it doesn't.The new pricing structure is as follows:

  • cPanel, up to 5 accounts, is now $20/mo.
  • From 6 to 30 accounts, is now $30/mo.
  • From 50 to 100 accounts, it is now $45/mo.
  • Above 100 accounts, it is $45/mo plus 20 cents for each additional account.

These prices above are for virtual servers. All dedicated server/bere metal clients with cPanel begin at the 100 account level.

This pricing will take effect on  September 1st, 2019. There is a possibility, however, that cPanel may  modify these prices again due to the negative feedback they are receiving. We will keep you up to date.

As always, the team at ServerPoint works  hard to provide you with the best service possible. We thank you for  being a loyal client and for trusting our company for more than 20  years!

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