Custom SSD storage solutions in dedicated servers


Custom SSD storage solutions in dedicated servers

Jonathan - Engineering

High-capacity SSD RAID storage solutions: a case study

A recent collaboration with a client demonstrated our commitment to providing tailored, high-performance dedicated servers. They required a server solution with a significant focus on SSD solid storage for its speed and reliability, specifically opting for SSDs over traditional hard drives for their 28TB storage need. Our solution utilized Supermicro's BigTwin platform for these dedicated servers, which perfectly accommodates dual Xeon E5 and Xeon Gold processors and supports up to 6 SSD disks per node.

Meeting the demand for vast SSD storage

The client's need for 28TB of storage was met with a configuration of six 7.68TB Samsung SSDs, arranged in a RAID6 setup for optimal data protection and redundancy. SSDs were chosen for their rapid data access speeds and reliability, significantly enhancing the server's performance compared to conventional hard drives.

Benefits of SSDs in RAID6

The RAID6 configuration with SSDs ensures the client's server is both fast and robust. SSDs provide quicker data access and reduce latency, vital for applications requiring quick retrieval and processing of large volumes of data. RAID6 offers the added advantage of allowing up to two simultaneous disk failures without data loss, providing an extra layer of security for the client's critical data.

Customized solution yields cost savings

Our ability to provide a customized SSD-based RAID6 server solution resulted in a significant cost saving for the client, especially when compared to standard offerings from larger cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Compute. This case study exemplifies our dedication to meeting specific client requirements with cost-effective, high-performance server solutions.

For detailed information about our custom server solutions or to inquire about setting up your own high-capacity SSD RAID storage, visit ServerPoint's Client Portal. Our team is ready to help you build a server that perfectly fits your needs.