Discovering Infomart Dallas: the epicenter of Texas networking


Our upgraded Dallas, Texas data center facility

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Discovering Infomart Dallas: the epicenter of Texas data centers, and one of the locations for our Linux and Windows cloud computing platform

In the vibrant heart of Texas lies Infomart Dallas, a landmark in the data center and networking industry since its inception in 1985. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of London's Crystal Palace, this facility has evolved to become a cornerstone of connectivity and technological services in the region, now proudly under the stewardship of Equinix.

Tracing the roots of Infomart Dallas

From its early days to its current status as a premier networking hub, Infomart Dallas has continually adapted to the advancing needs of the digital age. Its acquisition by Equinix has further cemented its role as a critical nexus for data centers, offering unparalleled services and connectivity in the southern United States.

The significance of Infomart Dallas today

Infomart Dallas is more than just a building; it's a bustling interconnection point for numerous carriers and a haven for businesses seeking top-tier IT infrastructure. Its reputation for superior networking makes it an optimal location for deploying both Linux virtual servers and Windows virtual servers, providing our clients with an environment that supports peak performance and growth.

Also chosen by the big players in the cloud computing industry

This location, as well as the brand new Equinix facility recently built next door, is also home to some of the big players in the industry, such as Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. And of course, we chose it for our VPS (virtual private server) hosting services.

New upgrades to our Dallas, Texas data center

We just recently did a major overhaul of this facility, increasing internal network capacity using 100gbps ports, as well as faster CPUs and larger capacity.

Choosing Infomart Dallas for your hosting needs

By deploying your Linux or Windows virtual servers in our Dallas data center, at the Infomart building, your virtual server will enjoy great connectivity and low latency to either coast of the United states.

How to deploy virtual servers at this facility

Use our Client Portal, ServerPoint's easy virtual server hosting management console to deploy Linux or Windows cloud servers at exceptionally great prices.

Dallas' Infomart represents the pinnacle of networking and data center for our operations in Texas. For businesses looking to harness the power of this premier location, visit and deploy your first virtual server in Dallas.