What is infrastructure as a service?


Definitions in cloud: what is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)?

Jonathan - Engineering

You are creating your new app or website; you want it to be popular and grow. You will of course need servers, which need a network, OS management, patch management, Internet uplinks, DDoS protection, distributed NoSQL databases, and.... etc., etc.

The physical aspect of running an infrastructure is no pie in the sky From selecting a data center facility, doing a physical installation, managing parts and servers that fail, constant technological upgrades, managing a private and public network, as well as BGP peering, etc., can be quite overwhelming. Trust me; I've been doing this for over 20 years. I wouldn't wish it on anyone...

In the old days, you truly had to go through all of that. But nowadays, you can just hire all that infrastructure and human expertise for a relatively affordable price.

When you choose virtualization (or "cloud" as we call it nowadays), or a dedicated infrastructure (also known nowadays as "private cloud" or "bare metal servers") and you pay a monthly fee for it, that is infrastructure as a service.

With it, you get all of the following (which means you avoid doing it yourself):

  • An internal private network capable of handling terabits per second of data; we already went through the trouble of setting that up, evaluating it and testing it.
  • A public network made up of dozens of BGP peers; we already went through the trouble of setting those up, evaluating the providers, testing them and signing the contracts.
  • The physical design of racks, servers, wiring and power; we already went through the trouble of designing that, building it and making it work.
  • When things break... well, we are prepared. We have parts and full servers in stock.
  • Automated operating system installs; this avoids you a lot of trouble.
  • And 24/7 access to staff that can fix just about anything.

The headaches you avoid by just hiring us to do all this dirty work is priceless.

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We set it up and you simply use it.

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