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Blog For Developers: Try ColossusCloud for your Next Project

Developer trying VPS services of colossuscloud for big application, development project

Whether you are working on a large development project or creating the next big app, ColossusCloud, our powerful, custom-built 'cloud' infrastructure can handle it.

Here’s a case study in how our custom infrastructure handles clients’ businesses. Houzz.com, one of our biggest clients, runs a large object storage database on several dozen of dedicated servers (each server with more than 30 hard disks), with all these servers communicating to hundreds of web servers. The traffic going through the servers is so massive that we had to build a 40G network just for them.

At ServerPoint.com, the company behind ColossusCloud, we've had years of experience in building custom infrastructures for our clients. After the launch of ColossusCloud back in 2013, our services have expanded to handle all sorts of tasks, small and big, running from different data center locations around the world. Whether your project or your business needs 1,000 virtual servers or 500 large dedicated servers (bare metal servers), we are ready to take up the challenge.

ColossusCloud’s virtual servers do not share resources. We run our servers in high performance SSD storage arrays, using the latest Xeon E5 servers with redundant power supplies. In addition, all traffic runs on top of a high performance 10G/40G network that many hosting providers cannot even afford to build. ColossusCloud was built for speed.

At ColossusCloud, we believe that a customer should try a product before they buy it. Get started with a trial account to test out the awesome speed and performance of ColossusCloud. Talk to one of our engineers or sales staff and let us know what you need, we’ll be happy to help you!

  • The current CTO of Serverpoint.com and an accomplished web developer. Peter is one of the leading voices at Serverpoint and one of the founding members.

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