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Many new website owners are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of hosting. Shared hosting is extremely affordable but terrible for scalability. The next step up for only a bit more money is VPS, which stands for virtual private servers. VPS is a scalable solution that will allow you to grow your business as you build your user base and develop more traffic.

What is VPS?

When website owners go shopping for web hosting providers, they immediately gravitate to shared hosting, because it's the cheapest and the most understood. When you use shared hosting, you put your website service on a server used by hundreds or thousands of other clients. The provider usually limits your bandwidth usage and you are unable to customize any server settings because those changes could affect hundreds of other clients on the server.

For a little extra money each month, you can get a VPS, which is a virtual machine on a dedicated physical machine. Your web host will create a VM that has your chosen operating system installed on it. You will lease a specific amount of the physical resources including memory, hard drive space and CPU.

What's really beneficial with a VPS is that you can log into the machine and configure the operating system settings including your host software configurations. This is a major benefit of VPS hosting over shared hosting and it's absolutely worth it for the extra money.

How Does VPS Help With Travels?

If you travel for the holidays, you have an advantage with VPS hosting. The main advantage for traveling site owners is the ability to remotely access the server. Suppose you have a critical issue or need to make changes to your website code. With shared hosting, you would probably need to call the host. With VPS hosting, you can access the server in the same way you would a dedicated machine.

Both Linux and Windows have their own way of accessing remote systems, but you can also purchase third-party software. The way you choose to access your server is up to you, because you can install software on your virtual machine provided you have enough disk space, memory resources and CPU power to support the application.

Another benefit of VPS is uploading and downloading files from the server. Some web masters store documents on their virtual machine and need them throughout the week. For instance, you might want to review web logs to identify if your server is compromised or functioning incorrectly. You can remote into your server and then download log files for further analysis.

In addition to remotely accessing your server, VPS hosting gives you more power, scalability and flexibility to run your website in the best way that works for you. You are no longer subject to other website owners and anything that could harm hundreds of shared accounts.

ServerPoint offers cloud VPS hosting services along with dedicated servers to make your holiday travels more convenient when you need to work with your server. Just sign up for our cloud VPS hosting service and enjoy your time traveling, worry-free. For an affordable price you will get access to the server and all the power and scalability your website needs.

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