Newer technology has lower the price of hosting a virtual server.


How new technology is making Linux and Windows cloud VPS servers cheaper.

Jonathan - Engineering

Clients sometimes ask us how our VPS cloud service can be priced so low. A lot of things have changed in the "cloud" business that allows us to reduce costs, passing on these savings to our loyal clients.

And lately, two major developments will reduce expenses even further and allow us to offer more RAM, CPU and SSD disk space in our already low priced VPS services.

First, the cost of SSDs has dramatically dropped, by almost half when compared with prices in early 2018. Since our entire platform is based on SSD storage to host the disk of all VPS servers, powered by Ceph, this will allow us to increase disk allocations while offering the same low prices that we offer.

The next major development is a new architecture by Intel: the new Intel Xeon Scalable processor (which by the way, we now provide in our line of dedicated servers. With the improvements we've seen in virtualization density with this new processor, we will be able to host about 20% more clients per physical hypervisor, with virtually no degradation in performance.

We already have a few Xeon Scalable based hypervisors running within our ColossusCloud platform, and we hope to continue adding more as time goes by, replacing older Xeon E5 v2 servers that are still in production.

We will keep you updated of all research and development happening at Stay tuned!