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How to Add ServerPoint Banners to WordPress Websites

Peter Cruz

There is a great selection of banners that we have produced for our customers to use on their websites. To view all of the available banner sets, please visit Note that you cannot download the banners you see there. What you need to do is access your affiliate interface via ServerPoint's Client Portal to generate the code you will need to post these banners in your website.

All images are hosted in a global content distribution network for fast delivery anywhere in the world. The HTML code includes a 2x version for displays with double the resolution density (a.k.a. 'retina' displays). If the banner will be posted within a secure page, you need to choose https:// .

Here is a tutorial that we have made to show you how to add different banners to your WordPress site. This tutorial covers the following topics:How to add banners to your sidebar. How to add banners into a single post or page.How to add banners above or below all posts or pages.

How to add banners to your header or footer. Use plugins to show banners on your page.

How to add banners to your sidebar.

There are two ways to add banners to the sidebar:

  1. If your installed Theme supports widgets, you can add a Text widget with the banner code in it. Go to Appearance -> Widgets. Then, drag a Text widget to the appropriate widget area. In our example, it is the “Sidebar”. Paste the banner code in it, set a title for the widget (optional) and click Save.


This will place the banner you want into the sidebar of your WordPress website.


2.Another way to add a banner to your sidebar is by adding the code directly to the sidebar.php file of your theme. You can edit this file from the Appearance -> Editor part of your WordPress admin page.

How to add banners into a single post or page.

If you want to add a banner into the body of your post or page, simply open the Text mode of the WordPress editor and paste the banner code in it. In our example, we will add the image between the two paragraphs of a sample post.

How to add banners above or below all posts or pages.

To add banners above or below all your posts, you’ll need to add the banner code inside the single.php and for all pages, add it to page.php files of your WordPress theme.

You can edit those files by logging into your WordPress admin area and going to Appearance -> Editor.

Locate this code: <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

Right after this, add the code of your banner. This will add the banner above all of your page and post titles.

How to add banners to your header or footer.

If your WordPress theme has a widget area added to its footer or header, instructions are similar to the first part of this tutorial for adding banners to the sidebar.

However, if your theme does not have the widget area added to the footer/header areas, you need to add your banners manually. To do this, login to your WordPress admin page and go to Appearance -> Editor.

In our example, we will add a custom ServerPoint banner to the header. Select header.php from the list of files available for edit.First, find the opening of the body tag. It looks like this:
<body <?php body_class(); ?>>

Right after this, add the following code:
<div class=”headerbanner”><a href=“LINK” target=“_blank”><img src=“IMAGESOURCELINK” width=“200” height=“50” /></a></div>

You need to replace LINK and IMAGESOURCELINK with the URL where you want the banner to point to and the link to the banner image. You’ll also need to replace the width and height parameters with the actual dimensions of the banner image.This code will render your banner on top of your site.

Note that depending on the theme you're using, you may need to move the code in order to place it wherever you want.

Adding a banner to the footer is basically the same with one small difference - you need to open the footer.php file instead of the header.php one. Then, all you need to do is paste the code where you want to display the banner.

Use plugins to show banners on your page.

If you want to display more than one banner on a page, track the ads you show and have more advanced functionality, it is advisable to use one of the available WordPress plugins for banner management. Since it depends on your particular site structure and needs, we suggest that you browse through the banner plugins in the WordPress Plugins Directory in order to find the extension that will best fit your needs.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and that now you understand how to add ServerPoint banners to your WordPress website.

If you have any additional questions or need help regarding the use of our banners, don’t hesitate to contact us at As always, we are here for you!