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Blog How to Choose the Best Keywords to Boost Search Rankings

Keywords to Boost Search Rankings

It's no secret that SEO is important for your search engine ranking. One of the hardest parts of SEO for a new site owner is keyword research and identifying the best phrases for content. Content marketing is one of the most popular ways to boost search engine ranking. Search engines love content, but you must focus your content on the right searchers to increase revenue.

What are Keywords in Terms of Search?

When you think in terms of keywords, think of the terms you can imagine users typing into a search engine to find relevant content. Of course, this content has to be relevant to your business. It's important that your site is relevant for the search query, or you won't likely rank for the search term. Even if you do for a short time, you would eventually lose ranking for not being relevant for a search.

Keyword research involves a bit of intuition into the mind of your target reader and some research using keyword tools.  Some researchers just use Google Adwords, which has a tool for searching based on popular ad content. This is a good way to start without paying for tools. Just remember that Adwords is for advertisers and not necessarily for organic search, but it can be useful when you're getting started.

Keywords should be based on what your site is about. For instance, if you sell red widgets, you would do a broad search for red widgets. This can mean a variety of keyword phrases from just "red widgets" to "how to buy red widgets" and many other permutations in between.

For new site webmasters, it's easy to come up with a few keyword phrases, but it's much more difficult to come up with more obscure phrases. Don't worry. It gets easier as you practice more. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you come up with these phrases.

Introducing SearchTriggers.com

Instead of creating a keyword list through trial and error, you can use a new tool called Search Triggers. This tool is more than just a keyword research tool. It also helps you track your keywords and identify which ones are best for search engines.

There are many moving parts when it comes to search engine ranking, and Search Triggers makes it more easily understood for a new webmaster trying to understand it all. It even analyzes your competitor keywords, which can give you clues as to the way your competitor is ranking ahead of you.

Low traffic keywords aren't commonly useful for high-traffic sites, so Search Triggers helps you eliminate low-traffic keywords that will probably cost you more to have the content written than they will help you bring in revenue.

It's a learning curve as you start to understand the importance of keywords, but it's necessary when you want to rank higher and increase search visibility. In turn, your revenue increases and you can start to reap the rewards of your SEO efforts.


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