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Customer surprised with limitation of web hosting services

There are a number of limitations present in many web hosting companies offering cloud hosting solutions that involve Windows virtual private servers, also known as VPS servers or cloud VPS. One of the major limitations is the ability to quickly and easily deploy dozens or hundreds of virtualized servers running Linux or Windows operating systems. With most hosting providers, you have to go through a long order process to just order more servers. That is not the case with ColossusCloud.

ColossusCloud allows you to launch as many servers as your company needs and manage them easily from one simple interface. Once you deploy these servers, they exist in a virtual environment within our “cloud infrastructure”. You may be thinking: “Oh brother. That’s just marketing jargon”. But let's think of it in terms of science fiction jargon, from the movie The Matrix. Our cloud infrastructure is The Matrix, while each virtual server is a person plugged into it. In our case, The Matrix is the several data centers that ColossusCloud operates around the world, with each location having enough physical servers to handle a total of hundreds or thousands of virtual servers. We call these data centers “zones” within the “matrix”.

In addition to your servers being connected to our “matrix”, you get other enterprise level features that most providers don’t offer. And it baffles us that others don't offer some of the following great features:A true and real private network between your virtual servers, whether they are hosted within one of our zones or across multiple zones.Snapshots! That’s new marketing jargon for something old: backups. With ColossusCloud, you can make a “snapshot in time” - a backup of your virtual servers at any time you want. You can use snapshots to recover destroyed or damaged virtual servers, or, to simply deploy new virtual servers from those snapshots. Basically, you set up the server the way you want it, and with the snapshot, you can keep cloning it.

An incredible network. We host our “matrix” within some of the world’s largest data centers, such as the Infomart building at 1950 Stemmons, Dallas, Texas, or our Ashburn, Virginia data center, located within Raging Wire's world class facility at the heart of the east coast’s data center valley. And our data center within Equinix’ facilities at the core of Silicon Valley, California.SSD RAID storage: I won’t go into detail on that one, but it just means super speed and data protection.No doubt there are many “cloud” providers out there. But the fact that we are one of the oldest providers in the industry and we develop all of our technology in house says a lot about the quality of our services.

Sign up today and try out any of ColossusCloud's web hosting or server solutions. Or, if you have any questions, simply give us a call. Yes, you are saying “Wow!”, since a phone number to call is now one of the rarest features of all!

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