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Blog Launch a Great Holiday Marketing Campaign for Your Website

idea for holiday marketing campaign

Christmas is the time for ramping up your marketing and preparing your site for the onslaught of visitors and sales. If you need a little boost, you can create a great email marketing campaign to draw in visitors and create new sales from your current customers. Email campaigns can be extremely successful, but they can also be flops. It's important to create a targeted strategy for your email campaigns before you release them to the public. Here are some tips.

1. What Do You Want Out of Your Campaign?

Every campaign has a goal even if the overall goal is to improve revenue. You may want to just create leads that are then used to upsell other products. You might want to sell specific products. You could also just make an effort to draw in signups to a newsletter or increase readership. Whatever your goals, you need to know them prior to designing your campaign.

It's this step that defines the rest of the process, so avoid skipping the strategy part of the campaign. You don't want to miss the opportunity by sending an ineffective email campaign.

2. Focus on a Specific Group or Product

You could send an email to all of your customers with no real focus, and your conversion rate will suffer or you can set a focus and target your emails more strategically. Targeted, focused emails are far more effective, and you convert many more sales compared to random emails with no focus.

Data analysis helps with this step. Find your most popular product, and target customers that would be interested in it. You can also target specific customers. Perhaps you have a list of customers that regularly buy product each month. You can target these customers with a promotional rate to ensure that they generate Christmas revenue.

3. Do Some Research

If you're unfamiliar with the way email marketing campaigns work, then the Internet is the perfect place to get started with some research. There are several outlets that help you determine the best ways to approach a campaign. You can read ebooks, sign up for newsletters, read blogs, and download whitepapers all of which will get you a great head start.

Take a look at some of the successful campaigns in your own email. What motivates you to click on an ad and buy product? Put yourself in the buyer's shoes to help you decide how to design your campaign.

4. Use Christmas Themes for Your Holiday Campaign

You might need a designer for this step, but it's well worth the extra budget to hire an amazing graphics artist to help make your emails much more holiday themed. Just think of the emails you receive from the online stores you frequent. They use holiday themes to promote their products, and you should too.

Another benefit is that a graphics designer can help you decorate your website. If you use WordPress, you can download holiday themes to add some Christmas spirit to your website. It shows that you keep your site up-to-date and want to participate in the holidays.

5. Consider the Holiday Spirit

It's the holidays, so your emails should be high energy and have some holiday happiness to them. The way you verbalize your emails depends on your target. It also depends on whether you're selling a service, a product or if you're simply looking for signups.

Because it's a holiday email, make your marketing campaign focused on the holidays while still focusing on your target market. You can use this approach for several holidays throughout the year to promote your product or service.

6. Always Use Your Customer's Name

It's important to personalize your emails so that your customers know that your email is legit. In an age where phishing and scam emails are common, it will help your emails become much more effective if you have "Dear, [First Name]" at the beginning of the email. You can use a different greeting, but using your customer's name draws them in and shows that the email isn't just a generic sales letter.

7. Determine Your Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your viewers see when they open their email. It's the main component that determines if a user reads your email or just deletes it without reading it. The title should probably be the most strategic part of your email campaign next to the actual content that should also be well thought out.

Remember that subject lines are also analyzed by spam filters, so don't use too many exclamation points or wording that could be confused as a spam attempt. If your email is marked as spam by the major filters, your conversion rate will plummet since very few users will actually receive it.

8. Send Your Email at Prime Time

The time at which you send your email is also a factor in its success. Depending on your product, you should send your email during the day for business users and at night for personal usage. Business users typically read their email in the morning, but emails that focus on a personal product or service are usually read at night when the user is home.

Of course, you need to consider your user time zones when you send emails. If you can't get everyone at your target, then send your campaign at the best time that fits the most effective time frame.

9. Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

More users read email and do their shopping online than previous years. If your site and your email aren't mobile friendly, you've already hurt your campaign.

You can test your emails for mobile usability using an emulator or even your own smartphone. If your site isn't mobile friendly, it's time for an upgrade. Designers can use responsive design with your current theme to help you with updating to a mobile friendly website.

Take advantage of the holidays and get a strategy together for a Christmas email campaign. Your business will profit, and you can even find some ways to boost your company's growth for 2017.

  • Minerva currently works as a CIO at ServerPoint.Com. She is a forward-thinking, results-driven Manager, Leader and Business Strategist with almost 20 years of experience in diverse sectors.

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