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Blog Low cost dedicated servers are dead. You no longer need one.

Customers today are looking for quality and performance hence the era of cheap dedicated servers is over

There was a time when dedicated server providers competed with one another to offer servers at under $100/mo. That is no longer the case.

You may have noticed with the release of our new line of Xeon Scalable and Xeon E3v6 servers, that the lowest cost dedicated server we offer is above the $100/mo price range.

The reason for that is that the needs of the Internet have changed.

If you are looking for a small server, all you need to do is look at cloud. Take a look at our line of cloud/VPS hosting servers at our sister brand, ColossusCloud.com. You will find Linux and Windows virtual VPS servers starting at prices as low as $5 per month.

But when it comes to power users, look no further than a full, private bare metal/dedicated servers. With new Intel CPUs, DDR4 RAM and SSD disks, you can't get a better deal at such a performance per dollar ratio. When you need more, it makes more sense to go dedicated.

All new servers start at 64GBs of RAM, a dedicated CPU and SSD disks. That same level of resources, at Amazon AWS or similar companies, would cost you two to three times more. The best though is that you can go as high as over 20 CPU cores, 768GBs of RAM, very large SSD disks (up to 3.84TBs each) or large spindle disks to up to 12TBs of space.

The era of cheap dedicated servers is over. But if you want quality, performance and no other clients sharing your server's resources, the performance to dollar ratio of a dedicated server is quite a good deal.

Take a look at our line of dedicated servers and orders yours today.

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