Coming soon to ServerPoint's ColossusCloud: 3.5Ghz VPS!


Coming soon: new G4 series virtual servers, with CPUs running faster than 3Ghz!

Jonathan - Engineering

Faster virtual servers, with 3.5Ghz CPUs!

New G4 series virtual servers, powered by 3.5Ghz Intel Xeon Gold processors!

By early August, we will be launching our new series of virtual servers, powered by Intel's Xeon Gold processor. Each CPU core will run at 3.5Ghz, much faster than our current 2.1Ghz CPU cores.

This will great for applications that, when run, execute primarily in only one CPU core.

An example of this is PHP, and especially, WordPress. Sometimes, WordPress is so loaded with so many plugins, that it needs a lot of CPU power each time a user hits a page in a WordPress based website.

So, if you are running WordPress, our new G4 series VPS hosting is the perfect solution for your needs!

Stay tuned!