New, faster Linux and Windows virtual servers, with 3.5Ghz vCPUs!


Introducing our new G4 virtual servers with high frequency Intel Xeon Gold CPUs!

Jonathan - Engineering

Faster VPS at 3.5Ghz!

Introducing the G4 Series Virtual Servers, Now Available at Las Vegas, NV and Ashburn, VA Data Centers, Enhanced with 3.5Ghz Intel Xeon Gold CPUs!

We're thrilled to announce the immediate availability of our latest virtual server offerings: the G4 series, powered by Intel's Xeon Gold processor, at our Las Vegas, NV and Ashburn, VA data centers. With each CPU core operating at 3.5Ghz, this is a substantial upgrade from our existing 2.1Ghz CPU cores.

This enhancement is particularly beneficial for applications that predominantly run within a single CPU core.

Take, for instance, PHP, and especially, WordPress. WordPress sites, laden with multiple plugins, often require significant CPU power with each user interaction. If you're running WordPress, our newly deployed G4 series VPS hosting in Las Vegas and Ashburn emerges as the perfect solution for your needs!

Stay connected with us at our Las Vegas, NV and Ashburn, VA locations for this remarkable advancement in virtual server technology!