Get a bare metal dedicated server with RAID


New bare metal dedicated servers with RAID

Jonathan - Engineering

We have today introduced two new models to our lineup of enterprise level bare metal dedicated servers: model 1000 and 1001.

These are powered by SuperMicro's BigTwin servers, which include 10g networking built-in, as well as a LSI 3108 based RAID, with 1GB of on-board cache and a battery backup unit (BBU) to protect data stored in its cache.

This RAID capability adds super fast read and write capability to your application. When your application writes to the disk, it gets instantly written to a fast RAM cache, allow your application to return to its regular operations, instead of waiting for slower disks to store data. Then, the RAID chipset takes the data store to RAM cache and stores it in the installed SSD disks.

This happens in just microseconds; the boost in write speed is incredible.

The servers also have the powerful E5-2680v4 processor, with 14 CPU cores (multi-threaded to 28 vCPUs), along with fast DDR4 RAM.

Both are available for deployment now. Just log in to our portal at and deploy one today!

Oh, and the price is quite affordable for such hardware specs!