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sys admin handling technical issues in holiday seasons

No admin wants that late night call interrupting their family dinner or holiday party. Nevertheless, it should be expected when you're in charge of technology, especially for a large enterprise. Murphy's Law tells us that everything stays quiet until it's your turn for time off. You can't escape 911 issues

two customers playing from two different locations

Speed and performance are critical to your website's success. So much so, that Google even made performance a part of its ranking algorithm. There are many ways to boost website's performance. You can tweak your code, hire an expert to fix your themes and images, use responsive design for mobile

A trusted Service provider celebrating business growth

To support your business growth, you need a scalable, high-performance website. And the only way to ensure your website has all the scalability and performance it needs is to use a trusted VPS hosting provider that offers the right speed, security and usability. VPS is the next step up from

Customer preparing his website for high traffic peaks

Cyber Monday 2016 is just around the corner, and if you haven't already, you should start planning for the Internet traffic rush ASAP. If this is your first year in e-commerce or a holiday-related service, you might be surprised by the surge in traffic. You could see double, triple or

Turkey giving thanks to Web developer

2016 was a busy year for app developers. Not only did we witness the rise and fall of several apps, but we also saw some improvements as the main operating system vendors -- Google and Apple -- upgraded their systems. Here is the list that showcases our pick of the

Perfect combination of cPanel and Cloudlinux

Whether you have a virtual server or a physical server (bare-metal dedicated server), you can use cPanel to easily turn it into a full-fledged web hosting solution. cPanel is the leading web hosting software that fully automates creating users, web hosting accounts, DNS, email and much more. Here at ServerPoint.

Features of global development for web hosting services

We have some exciting news to share with all our you! As ServerPoint.com has been rapidly turning into an international company, it's become clear that not only did we need to expand our ColossusCloud VPS hosting product to markets around the world, but also all of our other web

Serverpoint now have its new server location in Singapore, Asia

ColossusCloud is now in Singapore, to better serve our South East Asia customers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand!

Serverpoint.com has opened a new location in Singapore to expand its global reach into Asia and beyond. Singapore is the core of the Asian undersea fiber optic network and

the importance of windows virtual private server

Windows VPS hosting is a flexible, powerful and affordable solution for any business that is ready for serious growth. If your business relies on Microsoft-based products and if you are in need of a remote server, a Windows VPS may be just the right solution for you. In this post,

steps to add serverpoint's banners to wordpress website

There is a great selection of banners that we have produced for our customers to use on their websites. To view all of the available banner sets, please visit https://www.serverpoint.com/en/affiliate/affiliate-banners.phtml. Note that you cannot download the banners you see there. What you need

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